After toying with the idea of a 3D tablet according to some leaks, Motorola is now publishing a new patent related to rollable gadgets. We’re dealing with a scroll-like device, that can be rolled up and then used in a flat format as shown in the image above.


Motorola has let 2 years pass without a tablet or even a phablet, so expectation are great from them. They do release the occasional smartphone, usually a kickass model, but what about big diagonals? As far as the documents show, such a flexible device would host a CPU, a battery, ports, cameras and storage.

The patents also detail a lighting function of the device, with the sensors being able to cut the light in the areas where the user’s hands are placed. I’m also guessing this has something to do with device transparency maybe, so this potential slate just got cooler. Will Motorola deliver a foldable tablet like this at MWC 2014?