A few interesting stats from Pew’s Internet & American Life survey reveal the reading habits of Americans, with percentages and figures included. Turns out that 69% of Americans read a print book last year and 28% read an e-book.


14% listened to an audiobook and it appears that people are still finding it hard to replace their paper companions with digital versions. Compared to the past years, e-books are growing, but not with the rate expected by the likes of Amazon. Only 4% of the people surveyed in USA were e-book only last year, not resorting to paper and cardboard books at all.

If you ask me, it’s a good thing that people are still reading, instead of Facebooking, Skyping, YouTube-ing, using Vine and Instagram all day long. The mean number of books read or listened to over the past year for the people surveyed was 12 and the median number was five, which is not very impressive. What will it take to convince our brains that we are actually reading books on screens?