Microsoft’s 2 in 1 Surface devices are hot in this time of the year it appears and will also be hot in the following months. Suppliers claim that the orders for Surface models for Q4 2015 will be 50% higher in volume compared to the same period a year ago.


The upstream supply chain is preparing to supply more components for the devices. The extent of the orders is now clear for the rest of the year, so suppliers know exactly what to expect. Last I checked, the Surface portion was bringing home almost $900 million for Microsoft over the past quarter, so with this boost, Q4 and the holiday season will be a boon for the company lead by Satya Nadella.

The increase probably has to do with the fact that Surface devices now come with Windows 10 preinstalled and the OS is off to a great start. Also, this sticks with the current trend that sees regular tablets dropping in sales, smaller ones cannibalized by phablets and 2 in 1 units thriving… somehow. Quick reminder: Surface Pro 3 starts from $799.