If you feel annoyed by the fact people can contact you on Facebook via OneDrive, well, aside from FB integration, now OneDrive offers one more means of… communication let’s say. The cloud service has received functionality that lets it notify you that someone is editing your files.


This puts at ease the users that fear other people may be editing their documents behind their backs. A mobile notification or a daily summary email will be sent out to notify the user regarding the editing event. This way you’ll see that the wife has been altering the monthly payments spreadsheet, or that joker of a colleague is messing with your PowerPoint presentation.


Initially only some users will get these alerts, but then the functionality will become widespread. Microsoft recently added an extra feature to OneDrive: sharing synced folders to the desktop and searching within files shared with you by other users. I have a feeling that someday in the future we are going to get a productivity oriented laptop with cloud alone on board, something like an Office 365 Chromebook…