The folks of The Wrap have some insider info on the moves that Microsoft is making in order to stop the iPad domination. Apparently, the company that’s being run by Steve Ballmer is preparing its very own tablet, according to the person close to the matter. And not only that, but they’re ready to unveil it as soon as next week, so maybe that’s the mystery June 18th event that Microsoft announced.

The company has scheduled an event on Monday, at 3:30 PM in Los Angeles, preparing to make a “major announcement”, as they said to the bloggers and journalists invited. Some people thought that the event was actually the one regarding the preview of Windows Phone 8, but that’s taking place on June 20th, so it’s not that. Microsoft didn’t respond to these rumors and claims just yet, but they continue in an even more detailed fashion, saying that Microsoft’s new slate will run on Windows RT, the version of Win 8 that uses an ARM microprocessor.

With the Xbox Smartglass announced recently and what looks like finally a game changer, the first thing that comes to mind is Nokia. Could Nokia have created the perfect tablet for Microsoft to battle Apple? Is this an inside project, like the Kin Phone and the Zune? I guess we’ll find out on Monday, but I can say right now I’m very curious and excited. Is the Nokia Lumia tablet finally ready?