It appears that people on various forums and websites have been complaining the latest OTA update for the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime brought them even more force closes in the browser and sluggish performance. They even reported issues charging the device… and now we have a solution for them! They’ll have to simply reboot the tablet, as claimed by the folks of Pocketables.

As you know, the quad core metallic slate based on Tegra 3 processing recently received the software version, that brought among others better WiFi, faster multitasking and better web browsing. There’s also Face Unlock available and a bunch of other features. Aside from the reboot solution recommended above, users can also do a soft reset of the device by inserting a pin in the tiny hole at the bottom-left area, if they really want to be extra careful and accurate.

This is not a hard reset, so you won’t lose your data and apps. It simply clears caches that a normal reboot won’t. Actually ASUS recommends that the user reboots his device after accepting an OTA update. It’s generally a good idea to reboot your device after updating, so remember that for the future.