And today we see another Microsoft patent popping up, this time one that has to do with a special Magnetic Lock for the Surface Phone. I should rather say “presumed Surface Phone”, since we’re not 100% sure of what MS is prepping. Let’s check it out.

Be it Andromeda or some other device, Microsoft is brewing something for sure. This time the patent has to do with the “magnetic block locking of an electronic device”, which describes an unique magnet lock with some useful properties. The magnetic lock sounds like something you’d see on laptops, in order to keep the two halves of a device closed. The problem is that when you turn that into a pocketable device, some issues may arise.

For example, the strong magnetic field may demagnetize or overwrite magnetic swipe cards. Microsoft invented a strong magnet on a pivot with torsion spring, which is able to rotate on the pivot when the two halves are brought closer together. A stronger lock in the closed position is thus provided, with minimal magnetic field in the open position. A rotating magnet has other appeals, like being able to rotate in both directions, so you can keep the device closed in both the zero degree position and when opened at 360 degrees.

Microsoft also wants to use a similar type of magnetic lock in the hinge area of the device, where it may lock the device in an 180 degree open position securely. Of course, a patent doesn’t mean that this will be used in real life, but it’s surely a hint about it.