When the rumors about the Surface Pro 4 appeared a few days ago, it was also mentioned that the new device would feature N-Trig technology from an Israeli company. Today we learn that Microsoft has acquired Surface Pen maker N-Trig.


The employees of the firm will become part of the Microsoft Israel R&D center. Microsoft owns 6.1% of the company and will integrate N-trig’s pen in the Surface Pro 3 tablets. The official press release related to the purchase talks about the ability to capture and share your work with a digital pen.

The price of the company purchase hasn’t been announced, but reports are throwing around the amount of $200 million. N-Trig technology has the advantage of involving a thinner product stack, so there’s no need for a deep level digitizer below the display, which means the pen feels like it’s writing directly on the screen.

N-Trig has also been exploring new ways to charge a pen, relying on supercapacitors, rather than batteries.