A couple of days ago we saw Microsoft patenting a touch sensitive and scroll capable Surface Pen clip and now a patent related to the same stylus has popped up. This time it focuses on providing haptic feedback.

We’re talking about physical feedback features of course. Small magnets within the stylus tip are the ones making this system work. The documents describe this as “Haptic Stylus” and detail a method for producing haptic feedback for various functions, like pressure sensitivity, tilt and button presses.

I imagine this as a way to properly simulate real writing on “paper” and also the gentle vibrations and levels of feedback may aid with drawing, sketching and doodling apps. Usually Surface tablets and their pens don’t provide the most realistic drawing or writing experience, so it’s an evolution.

I also expect basic stuff, like a vibration when you tap on a link to open it or when you paste something into a field. Windows Ink should also adapt to the new tech. As usual a patent is a patent and doesn’t mean that the product will actually become real.

It’s also not exactly a major innovation, since Apple patented a haptic stylus since 2012 and they haven’t used that tech on the Apple Pencil.