Microsoft has launched two of its Surface tablets running Windows 8 in either RT form for the first product or the complete experience for the barely up for sale Surface Pro. In an recent interview for CNBC, Microsoft’s chairman Bill Gates stated that these products can relieve any iPad owners of frustrations.


It is very true that Microsoft has managed to launch some great products in the form of the Surface tablets. However these do offer certain limitations, especially the Windows RT running variant that only through the developers work to jailbreak it can it be used to its full potential.

What Bill Gates seems to state in its most recent interview for CNBC is that the MS products are set to deliver a complete experience, aiming at relieving iPad owners of any frustrations. Around 7.30 into the video below you can watch Bill Gates comment upon the Surface tablets compared to the iPad.


  • DeianStancu

    What Bill and others still do not understand, is the fact that Apple detaches it’s products from the rest of the world. They have structured business and they position their products at different categories.

    The iPad is sold as an entertaining device, not a productivity tablet.
    Bill Gates wants that it’s Surface Pro be seen as an all-in-one device that does everything, yet it stinks at every aspect: Battery sucks, performance in games is awful, it’s heavy and unrepairable. And expensive too.
    For 1000$, price of a Surface Pro, you can buy an iPad for entertaining and a laptop for productivity and make no compromises.
    Bill doesn’t understand that. When he will, it will be too late. Numbers speak for themselves.