Turns out that today’s Microsoft event may be more important than believed, as the Redmond giant could finally debut a new device format. It won’t be a tablet or a laptop, but instead a dual screen device, a spiritual successor to the Surface Phone. We have some fresh details below.

After learning yesterday that Microsoft was about to bring us a new Surface Pro 7 tablet, a Surface 7 ARM tablet and a Surface Laptop 3, now we learn that there’s also a hybrid coming. We already knew Microsoft was toying with the idea of a foldable, even back from the days of the Surface Phone leaks. Centaurus is also a name that came up, associated with Windows Core OS and other projects of the sort.

Well Centaurus may just be ready and Evan Blass leaked some info about a dual screen Surface. He didn’t share pictures, but did mention that the device would be unveiled today. He also hints at a new version of Windows, dubbed Windows 10X, that runs desktop applications in containers. Previous foldables were off to a rocky start, both delayed and both experiencing problems.

Microsoft may offer us a bigger format, with two 9 inch screens in the mix. Lenovo also tried out a foldable or flexible display laptop, but it didn’t seem to catch one. Windows 10X is supposed to be the answer to Chrome OS and the new form factor is supposed to be very versatile. It all sounds like a big Nintendo 3DS, judging by the leaks and renders seen through the years.

But there’s also Project Courier, that opens and closes like a book. I guess we’ll have to wait and see in about 3 hours…