Microsoft has a new patent out there, that seems to indicate the presence of an interactive menu on the bezel of a device. This would make for a nice implementation on the Surface tablet, I mean the upcoming generations.


We’ve seen Microsoft recently acquiring a patent for touch sensitive bezels and now they’re working on that again. This patent allows the device to recognize if the user intends to use the slate or phone or if they just accidentally tap the screen. The patent contains 11 applications, that are vital in the functioning of the technology. There’s a “method for controlling the timing of an LED Driver”, according to the documents, plus an “Electrode pattern for touch panels”.

The documents also detail the inclusion of an extra display on the bezel. This would mean that a notification area of sorts could be included, or many a special menu that appears and lets you know regarding the notifications, battery or status, without using too much extra power. This tech could also make it to phablets, not only tablets.