Android TVs are everywhere nowadays and WebOS models are also quite popular, but next year Tizen may become big. However, today we’ve found a very interesting product, the MaxPad. Named almost like a woman’s intimate hygiene product the MaxPad is a TV with Windows 8.1..


What’s so original about it? Well, it’s a touch TV and then it has an OS you don’t really see on huge screens. Some may see it as a very, very big tablet. This multi touch TV can be assembled in 4 ways, as a desktop, flat table, inclined table (at 45 degrees) and kiosk. This product comes with an universal channel remote control and a 3 axes gyroscopic Air Mouse. It will come in 3 flavours: 39, 50 and 64.5 inches.

The prices for those will be $5400, $900 and $12000. This TV comes with a wide angle 5 megapixel camera, a quad core 3.8 GHz processor, ATI Radeon HD7660 graphics and SSD and HDD space. There’s also search and social networking on board and Touch TV with TV remind. Tempted? Probably not for the average consumer, though…


Maxpad – The world’s first Windows Touch TV from Apek Maxpad on Vimeo.