It’s been a while since we’ve heard about a major hardware company preparing a Google TV, since there aren’t probably any. It appears that instead of Android, they’re turning to unusual platform choices, such as Open WebOS, in the case of LG’s latest project, that involves a Smart TV based on WebOS.

LG has a deal with HP’s Gram facility, that will result in a big new television set, that will debut at CES 2013. LG has been feeling that its UI and app collection for Smart TVs are obsolete and they need a change. The project actually started in June, when HP and LG signed a deal, but they’ve met with problems like the long boot time of WebOS, no matter what the CPU inside the device is. LG’s L9 motherboards, a dual core affair are found at the core of the LG Smart TVs and they’ve been sent to UP for testing and trialing purposes.

An idea to stop WebOS boot problems is that the TV stops its display when put in standby mode and the CPU keeps running in the background. Open WebOS comes as the replacement for LG’s NetCast platform, that will also need many more apps than previously available. Netflix is an example here, as well as Pandora, YouTube and more. Would you buy such a TV?