LG is working on a new device format, a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 rival that will be a hybrid Windows device. This newcomer may get a detachable keyboard, just like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and the product is expected to function as a laptop, when attached to a keyboard and a tablet when not attached to one.


The new model will rely on Intel’s fourth generation Core processor and it will also integrate a Solid State Drive and a pretty good battery. LG also claims it will integrate a touchpad system with the keyboard, very much like the Surface Pro 3. Back in February 2013, LG debuted a Windows 8.1-based Tab Book, that was also a hybrid PC, with a 11.6 inch display and the option to use as a tablet or laptop.

The Tab Book has a slide out QWERTY keyboard below the touchscreen, that pops up when the users press a button on the side of the Tab Book. This summer, the company also debuted a new Tab Book, one that gave up Windows 8.1 for Android 4.2. Still, if the new model competes with the Surface Pro 3, Windows 8.1 would make more sense on it.