Another day, another patent for a foldable device appears, this time courtesy of LG, that has a foldable phone/tablet hybrid ready to see the light of day. The interesting aspect here is that LG’s machine is able to fold on the vertical side.

This means that when the device is open, you’ll get a tablet-looking model in landscape mode. We only have sketches of the product right now, but it’s pretty clear we’ll be getting an unit with a touchscreen display on the front and back, while the middle/bending side can be used as the notification area or let’s say a media playback controller of sorts.

The back hosts a camera, the extra screen, flash, fingerprint scanner and the classic LG power button. A tent mode is also showcased, the one made famous by Lenovo and ASUS over the past years. There’s no info when this model will come out, or if it will even exists, but there’s good odds that it may turn into some sort of LG G Flex relative.

Some parts of this design remind me a bit of the Sony Tablet P…