Japanese device maker Fujitsu has just announced its intention to make a new tablet with Windows 10 Pro on board, but somehow the diagonal is closer to a phone. The newcomer adopts a 6 inch screen and pretty solid design, detailed below.

This is basically a phablet and it’s known as the Fujitsu Arrows Tab V567/P, a model that weighs just 280 grams and it’s a mere 85 mm wide. Fujitsu didn’t detail all the specs sadly, but since it’s a $1303 machine, I imagine they’re pretty hardcore. The device comes this month to Japanese stores and it’s supposed to have a design similar to a personal organizer of sorts.

I imagine it’ll have a Full HD resolution, or even Quad HD, plus an Intel Core processor, maybe even Core i7 with a bit of luck. Then 4 or 8 GB RAM should make the cut, at least an 8 megapixel camera and possibly a fingerprint scanner, productivity features and a business card scanner maybe. We’ll see how this unfolds!