As you probably know already, the web is buzzing with the launch of the Tesla Model 3 car. That vehicle is a long way from being launched in stores, since production will start next year and deliveries may happen in 2018. One of the interesting features of this model is the 15 inch panel on the dashboard, that seems to be made by LG Display, judging by the latest info.


LG Display has been chosen by Elon Musk’s company to deliver the screen panel for the new electric sedans, meaning they will have to make at least a few hundred thousand models, considering the preorders for the car got to almost 300k units already. The Model 3 brings a huge 15 inch tablet-like device integrated on the center console, that displays all the vital info about the car and infotainment content.

The Model S and Model X had their screen panels supplied by another company, TPK Holdings apparently and Tesla may no longer be happy with their work. The landscape touch panel at the center of the console will be a vital way to access info about the car and it may cement LG Display’s position in the automotive business.

Remains to be seen what technology it will use, but my money is on OLED. The same panels could be a starting point for a future standalone 15 inch tablet from LG…