Every once in a while a device maker will inevitably launch a tablet or phone that will be used more in the bathroom or kitchen than anywhere else. Such is the case with the leaked Lenovo YOGA Home 310, that includes a hinge and seems destined to be used in the kitchen. If you’re running a renovation of your kitchen, this device also comes with some cool decor ideas so that you can just hang this device on a keg and go on about the renovation.


This is a beefy 17.3 inch slate, that has leaked via the RedDot design website. It can be hung up from the wall using its integrated handle, much like the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro we tested. The Home 310 is called an AIO in the official documents and it can be moved and used anywhere apparently. Its use is clear: play a cooking video to teach you how to do it, or simply play a relaxing movie while you cook.


Lenovo also delivers on this model the AURA platform, a special UI that’s used as a multimedia hub and encourages the user to interact and communicate. As usual for a Yoga model, it comes with a multiple angle setups and modes, like tilt, probably tent and laptop too. Using AURA, two or more people can access content simultaneously.

We don’t have a clear list of specs, but we are advised to expect a premium setup and a premium price.