At MWC 2015, Intel introduced the new platform Cherry Trail, that includes 3 ranges of CPUs: Intel Atom x3 (SoFIA), the Atom x5 and the x7. The x3 is meant for smartphones and phablets, while the other two for notebooks, convertibles and hybrids with a diagonal of 10.1 inches. Today we get a hands on video and pics with a Lenovo model based on the x5.


This model relies on the latest Atom 14 nm chips with a TDP of 4.5 W. The product was showcased at IDF 2015 last week and it pretty much features the same design traits as the Lenovo Tab S8-50, with the same Lenovo logo at the top, above the Intel one. This device was made by BYD Electronic, a Chinese OEM/ODM that has big customers like Nokia, Motorola or Lenovo.


Keep in mind this is not a reference design, but rather a product ready to be sold. The slate packs an 8 inch Full HD screen, 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage and Android 5.0.1 Lollipop, as well as two cameras, with the back one also featuring a LED flash. The device comes with front side speakers, a SIM card slot and as far as we know the CPU inside could be the quad core Intel Atom X5-8300 clocked at 1.3 GHz.

This chip brings API DirectX 11.1 support, OpenGL ES 3.1, OpenGL 4.3 and RS Compute.