Well, before the Samsung Galaxy Note there was the Dell Streak and now following the Note there’s a Lenovo 5 inch tablet… This is supposed to be a dual core device with Android on board, that follows a leak of Lenovo 10 inch tablets… Expect the usual LePad brand to be used for this 5 incher, at least in China.

We have no idea what specs this model will adopt, but the leak pics do show a microUSB port, HDMI output, a front facing camera and what look like capacitive buttons. Expect Android 4.0 or Honeycomb to make it to the slate, although I’ve yet to see an Android 3.x unit with a 5 inch diagonal, provided I didn’t miss my share of 2011 tablets.

People say that the Lenovo gear looks very much like the Dell Streak 5, which is not a bad thing at all, considering how cool the Dell unit was. Disregard the fact that Dell is now looking to exit the tablet and phone market and let’s focus on this Lenovo 5 inch dual core tablet. Will it be a rival for the Galaxy Note and also make calls, or it will be a full fledged tablet?