We’ve heard about Mirasol Display technology before, but this is the first time I heard about a real device with this tech on board. The innovative thing here is increasing battery life, that will now be measured in weeks. The Mirasol screen is the industry’s first to rely on interferometric modulation, a micro electro mechanical systems-based technology that creates color from ambient light.

The result here is a screen that only uses a fraction of the battery juice of standard LCD displays. Qualcomm and Kyobo Book Centre announced this week the world’s first e-reader based on Mirasol screen technology. This device has the appeal of extra long battery life, providing weeks of reading. Meanwhile, the Amazon Kindle Touch only provides about two months of e-reading with a single charge and with wireless off. This functioning time assumes that you’re only reading half an hour a day.

The Kyobo tablet doesn’t has an exact specification of use when it comes to how many weeks it will last and how much reading time one can get in a day. Aside from extended battery life, there’s another advantage in the Mirasol world: vibrant color and video. The Kyobo e-reader comes with a 5.7 inch XGA Mirasol screen, 1GHz Snapdragon processor and Android 2.3 with a custom UI from Kyobo on top. The device is available in South Korea right now with a price tag of $310 or the special discount price of $265 for Platinum Book Club members.

Well, the Amazon Kindle Fire is cheaper, but does its battery last thing long?