ASUS Transformer Prime is the first officially announced quad core tablet and now we’re waiting for it to surface on the market. Before the elegant Kal-El device arrives, some people have found a way to keep us busy: a video showing the slate running Android Ice Cream Sandwich, an OS that will only be received as an update by this Honeycomb device.

Initially, the Tegra 3 slate will come with Android 3.2 in December, while the ICS update will be available before the year end, unlikely as that may seem. Well, at least ASUS promised to deliver that… The demo below shows mere seconds of the tablet’s Android 4.0 experience and it’s not so clear what’s different here. We also have a look at the cool game known as Riptide, that really puts those four cores to work and looks great.

Among the new ICS features there’s the option to create folders, that will come in handy on a 10.1 inch display. You can drag and drop an icon into the folder and the video below also shows how to play back a 1080p clip that has no trouble being played on the Tegra 3 slate. Does the tablet look more appealing to you now?