Sony was present at IFA 2012 with a bunch of new handsets and a tablet, the Xperia Tablet S and one of the company’s representatives also discussed the launch of Jelly Bean updates on their devices. This is how we found out that in the future only the Tablet S and Xperia Tablet S will get Android 4.1, while Tablet P will be abandoned.

The problem here is adapting the Jelly Bean experience to a dual screen device, that takes a lot of work and by the time the update arrives, the product will be obsolete and it won’t matter any more. It’s a sad piece of news for Tablet P owners, especially since the device was so appreciated for its originality. Meanwhile, we have no date for the arrival of Jelly Bean on compatible models, but considering how long it took Android 4.0 ICS to arrive, I’d advise you to prepare for a long wait.

We’ve been following closely the new Sony tablet, showing you the Xperia Tablet S accessories ahead of the product’s debut, so we know what we’re talking about. Anyway, if you own a Tablet P, there’s always a custom ROM out there to bring it up to speed.