With the iPad 2 out and selling like hot cakes, those of you who don’t care as much about being trendy might consider buying the first iPad for a bargain. Actually, so many folks thought this way that the current iPad 1 stock is also experiencing shortages. For example, the iPad WiFi 16GB, priced at $349 is no longer available.

The cheapest iPad 1 is now officially the 32GB WiFi one, priced at $429, but still $70 less than the least expensive iPad 2 (16GB WiFi one). If you want 3G and WiFi from your first-gen iPad, you can go with a 16GB model, with a $479 price tag. That’s a full $150 less than the 3G iPad 2, so this is quite a bargain.

You may be lacking a camera on your iPad 1 and the dual core CPU, but at least you have an Apple tablet, right?