The latest information released by Net Applications shows that iOS users do more web browsing than Android users, both on tablets and smartphones. The most recent figures show that iOS gets a 60.6% web share, compared to the 24.5% that Android achieves. The trend has been more proeminent since October, when the iPad Mini, iPad 4 and iPhone 5 debuted.


The strange thing is that another research firm called IDC is saying that actually Samsung is outselling Apple’s iPhone, or at least it did in Q4, both worldwide and in USA. Samsung is also playing catch up with the Apple iPad in USA, reportedly. StatCounter, that tracks 3 million websites and determines the market share of various platforms shows that Android’s webshare is actually 10% higher than the iOS figures.

So which one is the truth? Is iOS on top of the web browsing pie or Android? I guess that the truth is somewhere in the middle and the two competing platforms are actually very close to each other. There’s no denying that Android has been growing, but to what extent? We’ll know once some really solid results and solid figures are out…