Intel Education is a program started by Intel, aimed at offering schools both a tablet and laptop option. This week marked the debut of a new keyboard dock for the tablet included in the initiative.


The Intel Education 2 in 1 combines the existing Intel 10 inch educational tablet with a brand new dock. This dock adds an optional 3 hours of battery life, plus a trackpad and a full keyboard. We can’t really tell if it also adds stuff like ports or card slots. The Intel Education 2 in 1 is powered by a quad core Intel Z3740D processor, it runs Windows 8.1 and offers up to 7.8 hours of battery life.


It also comes with a stylus, a temperature sensor probe and a snap on magnification lens that turns its camera into a microscope. The dock is meant to attach to the tablet both in a regular laptop mode and a in a reversed presentation mode. This slate can be folded down, so it will lie flush with the dock.

The dock has been made rugged, just like the tablet to resist the rough contact with the naughty kids. It’s also water and dust resilient.