Intel has been very active on the education market, participating in some projects like the Classmate PC, or the Education Tablet, with the latter being expected to ship impressive numbers in 2015. The info comes from Digitimes, that estimates the shipments will pass one million units this year and even more next year.


Intel debuted the Classmate PC in emerging countries in 2007, then went with the StudyBook tablet in 2012, then with the Education tablet in 2013. In 2015 shipment growth is said to reach over 100% and account for 60% of Intel’s entire education product shipments, Classmate PCs and Education slates included. This year Intel’s biggest clients in the education area were Mexico and Venezuela and up until now the Classmate PCs have also been focused on Latin America (80% of the countries using them are located there).

We could see even 3 million Education Tablet shipments next year, according to Digitimes. The only changing factors here are the political ones and government budgets. If the Latin America officials decide that Intel’s gear is too costly, we may see lower shipments, if the prices are OK for them, then it’s increase all the way.