Intel just announced 3 new low power processors meant for tablets, all of them quad core Atom CPUs, that are part of the Bay Trail family with Silvermont architecture. The newcomers are Intel Atom Z3736F, Atom Z3785 and Atom Z3736G.


The first of them, the Intel Atom Z3736F is very much like the Atom Z3735F, but with higher clock speeds. The new chipset is basically a quad core 1.33 Ghz processor, that in Turbo mode reaches 2.16 GHz. It also has a graphics part clocked at 313 MHz, higher than the 311 MHz of the Z3735F. Next up we’ve got the Atom Z3736G, with similar specs and this one is an upgraded version of the Atom Z3735G.

It’s not very clear that the differences between the F and G series are right now. Finally, the most powerful of the trio is the Atom Z3785, a quad core 1.49 GHz chipset with burst speeds up to 2.41 GHz and 313 MHz graphics, that can go as high as 833 MHz. This new CPU is the second most powerful Bay Trail T model available, after the famous Z3795.