Intel has big plans for the future generations of Intel Atom processors, like the Bay Trail-T and Valley View-T, that have been detailed recently courtesy of a leaked roadmap. Bay Trail-T is supposed to hit the market in early 2014 and it involves a quad core CPU and a DirectX 11 supporting GPU, housed in a 22 nm SoC called Valley View T.

Apparently ARM will have a serious competition once these platforms are out. Apparently Intel is already searching for OEM partners that will develop on the platform and we should learn more about their direction at CES 2013. Bay Trail will battle with SoCs based on the ARM Cortex A15 architecture SoCs, that are actually preferred by the likes of Nokia, LG, ASUS and HTC, so it will be hard to win them over. If you want a comparison to Clover Trail, Bay Trail-T is made using a 22 nm process, that means lower power usage and an increase in performance.

Doing a comparison, Clover Trail uses a 32 nm process and the ARM Cortex A15 a 28 nm one. Another important thing to mention is that the Valley View-T SoC won’t offer hyperthreading, instead increasing the number of cores from 2 to 4, for a performance boost of up to 60%. Add a new 7th gen GPU, the HD 4000 and things start sounding juicy, especially if you also count the new LPDDR3 RAM in the mix. HD 4000 GPU means HD Video editing and that’s on the mobile platforms and tablets, folks! DirectX 11 support also means top notch gaming and finally we get some huge resolutions to match the Retina Display, probably on the likes of Windows 8 or 8.5.