We’ve seen features for kids on various tablets, but no device was completely dedicated to the young ones. InnoTab is a device of this kind, ideal for children ready for an UK unveiling in August, followed by one in the United States. This product is made by Vtech and aims at kids aged 4 to 9.

Educational psychologist Kairen Cullen is saying that the tablet slash toy is perfect for little ones, because they will adapt to a world filled with technology and gadgets right from their first years of life. Meanwhile, other specialists are saying that kids will end up with reading problems and maybe even speaking and writing issues.

The problem is in fact the lack of contact with other real people, but the tablet PC will take of the socializing aspect, too. Back to the Innotab, this model will pack a 5 inch touchscreen, an Ebook Reader and a tough case, so it won’t be damaged easily.