In case you haven’t heard of Onkyo, you should, since they make kickass acoustic gear. They’ve got speakers and all sorts of music players and now they also have a high resolution audio tablet, dubbed Onkyo Granbeat. It also has a 4K display and we detail is below.

Promoted as “the world’s first DTS:X Premium tablet”, the slate offers virtual surround technology, with multi channel support for up to 7.1 channels. There’s also DTS-HD Master Audio decoding and four configurable content presets. Upfront we find a 4K 12.5 inch display and integrated within the case there are 4 proprietary Onkyo Dual Mold Diaphragm speakers (ODMD).

The device provides support for DTS Play-Fi streaming and high resolution acoustics. Believe it or not Granbeat also had a smartphone launched last year, in the same vein. Onkyo also came up with a proprietary voice AI system, Onkyo AI, which has been created from the development and integration of “current AI technologies”.

Onkyo products are usually pricey, so expect to see a $1000 price here maybe for the tablet.