If you’ve had a chance to look at the Sony S1 tablet, then you’ll find the new Fujitsu concept slate below familiar. Created by Pierre Stadelmann and dubbed Fujitsu Smart, the tablet comes with a wide display and it’s incredibly thin, as shown in these pictures.

I have no idea what the specs of this model are, but I suppose it’s Honeycomb material and it has at least a 9.7 inch touch display. That circular section at the top could make a nice camera, unless that’s present at the back of the device. If I was the designer, I’d integrate a projector in there somehow, but it’ll take a while till we see such advancements.

Just give this baby 32GB of memory, 4G and WiFi, plus a dual core CPU and I’m happy…

  • Deian Stancu

    Looking at the photos, there’s no Android OS in designer mind, the screen is from Windows 7 desktop.
    Put there 32GB SSD and a quad CPU, not dual core, and Android, and IPS panel, and 1.5 GB RAM, only 1GB RAM in today tablets is water gun, just 400 MB RAM remains free, so more RAM, more free memory left….

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  • La_bruin

    Forget Android.  This thing’s gonna be a sick Enterprise slate for executives & sales people running business applications their company’s already running on Windows.  And LOAD IT UP with 8GB of RAM.  Memory is cheap.   2nd gen Core i5 is fine for any slate work as this doesn’t appear to be positioned as a desktop/laptop replacement.  And for God’s sake, put a 128GB SSD in there minimally with an option for dual 128GB in RAID0 like Sony does to minimize the cost of the SSD storage since 256GB SSDs are ultraexpensive.