Huawei finally confirmed when it’s going to showcase its first 5G phone, which is during the MWC 2019 event. Apparently, it’ll also be a foldable device, according to leaks.

Samsung already showcased its foldable phone screen last week, or better said its screen. Meanwhile FlexPai already came up with its own foldable screen device, while Xiaomi introduced the Mi Mix 3 in a 5G version, to launch later. Oppo R15 also has a prototype with 5G. Huawei’s president of the Western Europe branch, Vincent Pang announced that Huawei will bring a 5G phone at MWC 2019.

Odds are that it’ll also be foldable, by the way. Hints have appeared in that regard and I’ve lost count of the many foldable phone patents I’ve seen from Huawei over the past year. Huawei claimed that it believes Europe is ready for a fast 5G implementation, so that’s why it wants to launch a handset with this feature early. Foldables will be all the rage, so this approach is also logical.

It would have been obvious to showcase the device at CES 2019, but USA and Huawei aren’t the best of friends right now. Still, some leaks may happen.