If you checked out the videos showing MeeGo in action on prototype tablets and on the Nokia N9, it’s time to get your own taste of the OS. How? Well, through Peter Mui’s guide on how to create a multi-book EXOPC tablet. This is the same tutorial that the people who attend the Intel MeeGo AppLabs receive.

If you want to use the full guide here, you must have some knowledge and prepare for stuff to go wrong, just in case. The total bricking of the slate is still possible… This detailed article tells the user how to install multiple operating systems, that are able to boot separately on an EXOPC tablet.

Till now two configurations with tri-boot selections have been configured: MeeGo Alpha + Ubuntu + WeTab and MeeGo Alpha + Ubuntu + Windows 7. The bottom line here is that you need to install the OSes in the proper order, with the Win 7 or WeTab first, then Ubuntu and MeeGo. Bootable install media is also involved (USB drives, SD cards and such).

More info can be found in the source link below.