As you probably know already, HTC had an event today, that went down without tablet-related announcements. Ubuntu was also preparing an unveiling at the same time and date, but it wasn’t related to HTC, instead they unveiled Ubuntu for tablets with split screen multitasking and with the promise to launch a preview of the platform for Nexus slates this week.


We’ve seen this platform on smartphones, TV sets and desktops, but the tablet has been uncharted territory till now. Canonical feels that the time has come to unleash this version of the platform and we even get a detailed video of Ubuntu for tablets in action below. There’s a preview code coming to the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 on Thursday, so with a bit of luck you’ll be able to play with it on your slate soon. The tablet OS will become available to devs and enthusiasts at the same time with the smartphone preview, on February 21st.

Commercial tablets with Ubuntu will hit the market in 2014, apparently and the latest rumor says that we should expect a barebones smartphone next year as well. The OS is consistent on all devices, so a smartphone app will work on an Ubuntu tablet or Ubuntu PC without porting. Ubuntu brings an unique true multitasking that splits the screen in a very similar way to Windows RT/Windows 8 as windows are snapped next to each other. Apps can also be used collaboratively, by dragging content from one app to another for a productive work session.