Since we had the Microsoft Surface RT tablet for testing purposes we also played some games on it. Among them there was the Guns 4 Hire title, that’s also available on some other platforms right now. we’re dealing with an action game with a commando team and a bit of a tower “offense” vibe to it.


Basically you control 4 mercenaries and attack the enemy base and various enemy groups. You can also protect a certain objective, take over a turret, kill a VIP terrorist and perform other similar tasks. The 4 guys use machine guns, rocket launchers, flame throwers and the usual Rambo weapons. Each weapon and each mercenary has upgrades available, plus a variety of armors, improvements and secondary weapons.

You can also place turrets strategically on the map, call an airstrike and throw a grenade. 17 missions are available in 3 global locations. In order to move the team you just tap the screen and you can also destroy explosive cars and barrels that will do splash damage and kill the enemies around them. Since this is a freemium game and it’s easy to get money, you’re not tempted to spend real money. We liked the graphics and the gameplay, so we give the game a 9 out of 10. You can download the game from here.