KDE Plasma Active developer Aaron Seigo has been working hard on bringing to life a tablet running open source Linux software. The project has stumbled a few times, but now the tablet has received new hardware and it’s ready to roll out in May.


Seigo didn’t provide specs for the new tablet just yet, but the Vivaldi slate that’s in the works right now has a higher resolution display and faster CPU than the model the team intended to release in 2012. Originally, the Vivaldi tablet had to be made with the aid of a Chinese device maker, that should provide the source code for existing hardware. This means that the KDE team would create a full functional and entirely open source disk image that would run on the slate.

The problem is that that the manufacturer may not be in it for the long run, choosing to discontinue the product in just a few months, to leave the opportunities open for other projects. In order to avoid such problems, the KDE team designed its own tablet from the group up. Future multi core tablets were also promised and we’ll be hearing about partners in March.