Gemini is the creator of a series of budget tablets, with a new model announced today. Dubbed the Gem9212, this device goes for 229.99 pounds and it comes with the predictable Android 4.0 ICS, a 9.7 inch 4:3 screen, 16GB of storage and a Cortex A9 dual core CPU and a quad core GPU.

While the side and the front look pretty much like your average cheap tablet, the back, especially the upper side is a bit like the Galaxy Tab devices. The images here show the Android Market icon, strange as that may seem. Hopefully, this slate is Play Store certified and I have a feeling it is, since most newcomer slates get it these days. Sadly we don’t have a release date for this product and the price is actually not so appealing, considering you can buy a Nexus 7 for a bit less.

Gemini Devices is an UK based mobile consumer electronics brand, that relies on an IPS pane for the display and promises 7 hours of battery life. 1GB of DDR3 RAM is also on the specs list and interestingly enough we get some benchmark scores published in the press release. The device scores 4175 in Quadrant and 1590 in SunSpider.