The Apple versus Samsung lawsuit has had some interesting turning points, ranging from the line “are you on crack” said by the judge to the lawyers to the fact that Samsung wanted to use sci-fi movies as proof. It’s been a crazy ride, that’s now approaching its end. Now Apple has brought up an interesting piece of evidence, as one of its experts recreated the tablet from back in the 1990s using lasers.

Samsung insisted to use the Fidler tablet, a project from publishing giant Knight Ridder, that involved a media slate. The product didn’t make it to the market, but it was still used by Samsung to prove that Apple wasn’t the first to create a tablet with rounded corners and a flat digital display at the front. Peter Bresller, an industrial expert who testified on the iPad part of the trial tried to bring the older Fidler device to life, using lasers.

He created a replica of the device, that he brought into court to compare to the iPad, showing that it’s not that similar. He used a model maker laser scanner and digitized the surface of the old tablet, photographed it, measured it and fabricated it keeping the measurements. Other arguments brought by Samsung were Sci fi movies references, TV shows and older devices such as the Windows tablet PC TC1000 Compaq and the Fidler tablet. None of them managed to be used as argument so far.