This is not the Microsoft Surface version with Android, but an entirely different story… This is actually a huge TV with 65 inch diagonal and support for 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. Plus, it’s running Honeycomb, unlike any other television set out there.

Turkish company Arctic Technology is responsible for this product and this prototype is a one of kind unit at this time. A lot of work went into the resolution boosting, video output and making the touch input to work on this huge display. The result is sort of a giant tablet with multitouch control and even the Android games that people love so much, like Fruit Slice.

A mere Tegra 2 CPU is behind all of this, plus 1GB of RAM, so the scalability in Android is to be admired. The system involves a normal tablet, that looks like a Galaxy Tab 10.1 or XOOM model, that once placed in a dock syncs instantaneously with the huge TV. Motorola may be aiming at this, as they’re known for their lapdock integration.

Here’s the contraption in action:

  • This isn’t the biggest tablet, is the biggest Touch Monitor instead… 

  • Deian Stancu

    I think it’s Acer Iconia, Engadget says that it has full USB, micro SD and 3G, it’s the only tablet that has this specs.
    Anyway, this is interesting, it should be in schools or presentation rooms. Tablets are gaining ground, imagine a Tegra3 tablet with this 🙂