After HP and Acer, who publicly voiced their discontent regarding Surface tablets, Windows 8 and other new Microsoft projects, Fujitsu is yet another disappointed partner. The company is a big partner for MS and now they’re blaming their poor PC sales on the lack of interest of the public for Windows 8.


The info comes from a Bloomberg report, quoting the Fujitsu president Masami Yamamoto saying that “weak demand for Windows 8” is the reason why Fujitsu won’t reach its shipment target for new computers in 2012. Microsoft’s internal reports blamed manufacturers like Fujitsu, but now the manufacturers are blaming Microsoft, so the blame game is on. In the meantime Dell is flying high, saying that their Windows 8 product demand was high over the last period.

While the success or lack of for Windows 8 is a matter of controversy, what’s certain is that some manufacturers aren’t happy with Windows 8 and may be thinking about alternatives. With Android 5.0 rumored to also bring some notebook features in the mix, Microsoft may have to fear something more than Apple next year.

  • Bill Coughlin

    yes even the demo units in the stores are shackled with ie10

    hard to sell units with this browser.

    fortunitualy I was able to install ff and chrome to fully test it
    Beforing buying my 1400 dollar tablet