Fujitsu is a brand we don’t usually associate with tablets, but they’re out there, exploring the business end of the segment. Case in point, they’ve just unveiled 9 enterprise PC models, that include a few tablets, like the Arrows Tab Q5010/CE, an education-focused Windows model, detailed below.

Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Client Computing made the unveiling, also debuting the Arrows Tab Q5010/CD, which is an enterprise tablet. They also brought to light a slew of enterprise PCs and workstations, with the latest processors and OS available. Sales have already started in Japan from this week. Prices start at $889 for the Arrows Tab Q5010/CE and can triple for the highest end product, the Workstation Celsius J580, coming in early February.

What interests us the most is the tablet side of it. Fujitsu Arrows Tab Q5010/CE is a new waterproof 10.1 inch tablet, that has an easy to use design. It’s meant for students and it’s easy to hold and use for long periods of time. It’s got a non slip texture, with surface treatment on the side and back, in order to prevent it from falling off the desk. Fujitsu has also added a Function Manager QR Code Reader, that’s able to read QR codes from textbooks and allows users to rely on audiovisual materials.

The app is activated with a special button on top of the slate. The new lineup includes 4 Lifebook notebooks in two product series, 2 Esprimo desktop PCs on 2 product series and a Celsius Workstation J580. They come with the latest OS, Windows 10 November 2019 update.