We’ve got the ASUS PadFone tablet/phone combo and the HTC Tube concept to make us go wild with innovation… but there’s always room for one more. That one missing piece is “The Part”, a Fujitsu concept tablet, that also incorporates a handset.

Eunha Seo, Junse Kim & Yonggu Do are the creators of this device, that allows a phone to coexist attached to a tablet. They can be used separately and from what I gather, the “pad” is an extension for the smartphone, that’s the brain of the whole contraption. This is also the way that the ASUS PadFone works, if I’m not mistaking.

A strange idea of the designers, that I can’t really understand is implementing the Xperia TimeScape UI on the handset, that makes no sense, since this is Fujitsu gear and Sony Ericsson would never agree to give up its software or even lend it to someone else. However, I can skip this minor detail and enjoy the idea, especially with some quad core love and Android Ice Cream Sandwich.