Well, a team from Nokia that made MeeGo is now Jolla and the former Palm crew is now Gram. Just like everything in the universe, fragments of former big companies don’t die, they just transform. So, the company that put out WebOS and gave us multitasking back in the days when no other mobile OS actually offered that is now reshaped as Gram.

HP spent billions to buy Palm, only to waste their potential so far, cancel their tablets and give up webOS and their phones. The members of the Palm Global Business Unit are moved into a new subsidiary called Gram. Gram is still owned by HP, so it’s not the case of Jolla with Nokia, that are two separate entities, or at least they try to seem that way. Gram’s goal is to be involved with software, user experience, cloud, engineering and partnering, everything BUT consumer hardware.

Gram will have enough freedom to operate as a standalone company, in spite of being under HP’s wing. So, the idea here is that the new company will convince third party hardware makers to use what’s left of webOS, in a reshaped form on their future devices. The Enyo framework is used here, helping developers write mobile apps for webOS phones and tablets and also create new apps for mobile devices with modern browsers. Will we see a HP Gram OS tablet in the following years?