The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative has been out for years now, providing the kids all over the world with means of computing, education and communication. These devices are famous for being affordable and available in remote areas, third world countries and regions with illiteration problems. Now there’s a new product generation, OLPC XO-4 Touch, that combines a 7.5 inch tablet with a laptop.

The details are pretty light right now, but we know that the convertible tablet will imitate the XO Laptop and feature a touchscreen display like the XO 3.0 generation. Neonode will handle the 7.5 inch multitouch display and it appears that this screen can support both pen and brush strokes. The system is very readable in sunlight and it’s powered by a Marvell Armada 2128 processor. The organization calls the product “the lowest power laptop around” and says that it has a gesture activated wake up.

We have no idea on the pricing, although we expect it to be highly affordable. At least we have the launch time frame: Q1 2013. OLPC also announced strategic partnerships with content developers such as Sesame Street Workshop, UNESCO and Little Pim, bringing content to the XO laptops and tablets.