It appears that smartphone apps don’t get special treatment compared to tablet apps anymore, with devs taking real interest in creating software for slates. iOS and Windows developers show the same level of interest in making handset apps as the one of making tablet apps.


However, on Android things are different, since they seem to favour tablets, with the clearest example of that being the endless runner games oriented in portrait, that will clearly look bad on a 10 inch tablet. The Appcelerator/IDC Q2 2013 Mobile Developer Survey published on Friday has some interesting insight into the matter.

This is the first time that the developers surveyed have shown interest in keeping both the tablet and smartphone world up to speed. The survey looks at developers covering platforms between April 18th and the 22nd. The study shows that 84% of developers are interested in making apps for smartphones and 81% for tablets. iOS and Windows devs show the same love for both platforms, but Android devs prefer handsets. For iOS, it’s pretty clear why, since the iPad is still the most popular tablet out there…