Boy, don’t we just love roadmaps? They’re very useful to give us insight into the future of a company and what they intend to launch over the following months or maybe years. Today we have a fresh roadmap for you, one that Dell is preparing to turn into reality in 2014.


There are 3 models in the making, with the Dell XPS 10 Windows RT model scheduled for discontinuation, as the leaks show. The idea is to replace it with another model in the XPS series with a 10.8 inch display. It will come this fall and also this fall we’ll see a new series coming to life from Dell. Don’t be surprised if they go the HP way and adopt Android on a cheaper format!

This second model is also said to pack a 10.8 inch display. Then comes the Dell Latitude Tablet 10, a business oriented Windows 8 model that was launched months ago and it will have a follow-up as well, but only in early 2014. So, what do you make of this? I can’t see any of these becoming hits…