Mydellmini forum member Rob928 started a pretty cool project back in June, that was supposed to turn a Dell Vostro A90 model into a slate PC. The original PC comes with Bluetooth, a 0.3 megapixel webcam, 1GB RAM, an upgraded 16GB SSD and more. The display is a Hoda Technology solderless touchscreen kit.


In case you’re wondering why the project took so much, the user took a break for a few months and then finally decided to start filling the gaps in the frame with plastic epoxy. Then, a couple of weeks were all he needed to mount the power switch and the covers for the former places where the hinges were placed.

Now, the resulting device is fully functional and Rob928 will go ahead and paint the body filler and powerswitch silver. He’ll also add an accelerometer in the mix.



[via mydellmini]