Chuwi is back to crowdfunding with the Chuwi CoreBook 2 in 1 device. Promoted as a sort of iPad Pro rival, in concept and looks, the machine is powered by an Intel Core m3 CPU. This is not Chuwi’s first crowdfunding, as they also had a lot of backing with the SurBook, raising over $1 million.

Back to the Indiegogo newcomer, the CoreBook is a potent 2 in 1 machine with Intel HD Graphics 615 and the promise of 4K video and 3D games. Inside we find 6 GB of DDR3 RAM, 128 GB of eMMC 5.1 storage and 13.3 inch Full HD touchscreen is also in the mix. This display uses an OGS fully laminated panel, that offers sharper contrast, as well as more natural colors.

There’s a 2.5D glass panel upfront to make things even more beautiful. As far as ergonomics go, this is a very comfy machine, that sits quite well in the hand. Upfront we find a fingerprint scanner, ready to unlock the device with a single touch. CoreBook also has a full USB Type-C 3.0 port, used for charging and more. Inside the device we find a 37 Wh high density battery, that is supposed to offer up to 8 hours of average use.

A quick charger of 12V and 3A will take it up to 100% in about 3 hours. This 2 in 1 uses a hinged wide angle keyboard, making it a sort of laptop. It also lets one perform a free adjustment of the device, between zero and 165 degrees. We’ve got 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity for the display, working in tandem with an active stylus. There’s palm blocking technology and writing at less than 30 degree angles.

The OS is Windows 10 and the pricing of the CoreBook is $459 int he early bird system, with 23% discount. The whole pack, with keyboard goes to $499 after 26% off. Backers are expected here for the promotions. A super early bird price will be mail to the subscribers to the website, with only 50 CoreBook units ready and 250 units of the whole set.